General Structure of the Conferences

The conferences of ICAMT take three days.
What are the expectations of ICAMT members?

Day 1:

In depth approach of a museum in the city where we are, the following presentations are possible proposals:

– the architectural brief/requirements before the start of design
– the organisation of the design process
– the building Physics
– space program of the museum
– difficulties on the road during design and building period
– the use of the building as a museum
– the museum collection in relation with the building
– the planning and design of the exhibits
– operational aspects of building and exhibition
– the lighting systems in the building
– the climate systems in the building
– possible extensions of exhibition space
– extension of storage space
– etc.

Day 2:

– A limited in depth approach of other museums in this city, one or two of the previous proposed subjects
– ICAMT presentations. Scopes:

  1. Museum Architecture
  2. Museum Techniques
  3. Exhibition Techniques

Day 3:

Excursion day: travel to museums in the surrounding of this city.
By arrival, short introduction by museum staff about the museum

In the Conference Fee:

  • Drinks during the day
  • Lunch on location
  • Travel on location and visit of museums during 3 days of conference

Not in the Conference Fee:

  • Pre- or post-conference tours
  • Travel to the host city and Hotel costs
  • All costs for personal purposes
If your museum or city likes to host a conference, please contact us: ICAMT
Looking forward to cooperate with You!