ICAMT Podcast – Episode 1-2


Episode theme – Museum as Architecture of Sustainability

Guest – Carina Jaatinen
Host – Maddalena DʼAlfonso

Carina Jaatinen has extensive experience in the museum and cultural heritage field both nationally and internationally. She has worked for 25 years with museum and exhibition development in different museums and institutions in Finland. Currently she works as the Director of the Finnish Museum of Architecture. Carina Jaatinen is the treasurer and a member of the Executive Board of ICOM.

Maddalena DʼAlfonso is an architect, essayist and researcher. Maddalena has applied her abilities to combine research with musicographic culture to conceptualize and design cultural exhibitions and projects. D’Alfono has been a member of, the scientific board member of ICAMT. In 2019, she founded Md’A Design agency to contribute her knowledge and network to reinforce interdisciplinary activities and bring architecture, curatorship and other specialties needed in the museum spaces.  

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