ICAMT Training and Workshops

ICAMT is starting to develope an innovative training programme with training sessions and workshops.

These are intended for newcomers and experienced museum personnel. This program is focused on various subjects to the field of the exploitation of a museumbuilding as well as projects for new or the renovation of museums or museum related facilities.

Training events take place in cooperation with the museum on location and their environment, in English and other languages.

For a session like this, contact:

ICAMT Chairman, Nana Meparishvili

ICAMT  Secretary, Alessandra Labate Rosso

Watch this space for news about upcoming events!

The Training Subjects:

  • Climate in Your Museum
  • Architectural Brief
  • Sustainability in Museums
  • Light in Museums
  • Storage facilities
  • Facilities for your Visitors
  • Accessibility
  • Building and Installations Maintenance