ICAMT Podcast – Episode 2-4

Episode theme – Decolonization and Multiculturalism  

Guest – Amareswar Galla
Host – Maddalena DʼAlfonso

UNESCO Chair on inclusive Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development. Analumnus of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi with PhD from theAustralian National University, Canberra; currently Professor of Inclusive CulturalLeadership and Founding Director, International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership, Anant National University, Ahmedabad, India; Founding Executive Director of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum, Australia/India/USA; formerly full Professor of World Heritage and Sustainable Development at the University of Split located in the World Heritage City of Split; first full Professor of Museum Studies in Australia at the University of Queensland, Brisbane; and prior to that full Professor and Director of Sustainable Heritage Development Programs, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra; extensive publication record includes the flagship project and publication, World Heritage: Benefits Beyond Borders, Cambridge University Press& UNESCO, for the 40th Anniversary of the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention launched in Kyoto, Japan, 2012.

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