ICAMT’s annual meetings usually last 3 to 5 days and may include a post conference tour. They include visits to museums and sessions where local colleagues and ICAMT members present papers related to the conference theme.

Some conferences include workshops where members can examine a project in depth. Pertinent problems of local interest are addressed and ICAMT members contribute to finding a solution while exchanging professional views with their local colleagues and museum professionals.

HELP: the archives of ICAMT can use some material. If you have been to Conferences in the past and you are the proud owner of Conference material such as Photos, Programs, Lectures and you like to share this material with ICAMT, please make contact with ICAMT.

Past conferences of ICAMT:

2018 Espoo & Helsinki, Finland

2017 Cincinnati, USA

MEMORY BUILDING: Engaging Society in self-reflective Museums, joint conference with ICMEMO 

2017 Flanders, Belgium

2016 Milan, Italy

2015 Trondheim, Norway

Norwegian Narratives

2014 Tbilisi, Georgia

2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2012 Madrid, Spain

2011 Stockholm, Sweden

2010 Shanghai, China

2009 Berlin, Germany

2007 Vienna, Austria

2006 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2005 Washington DC, USA

2004 Seoul, South Korea

2003, Riga & Tallinn, Latvia & Estonia

2002 Mexico City, Mexico

2001 Barcelona, Spain

1999 Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic

1998 Melbourne, Australia

1995 Stavanger, Norway

1994 Istanbul, Turkey

1993 Barcelona, Spain

1992 Quebec, Canada

1991 Helsinki, Finland

1990 Mexico City, Mexico

1989 The Hague, The Netherlands

1988 Budapest, Hungary

1987 Viborg, Denmark

1986 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Climate Control in Old Museum Buildings

1985 Athens, Greece

Historic and Archeological Site Museums

1984 Nürnberg, Germany

1983 London, United Kingdom

ICOM 13th General Conference, Museums for a developing world

1982 London, United Kingdom

1980 Mexico City, Mexico

1979 Madrid, Spain

1978 Stockholm, Sweden

1977 Cologne, Germany

1977 Moscow, USSR

1976 Cologne, Germany

1974 Aalborg, Denmark

1965 New York, USA

1961 Turin & Milan, Italy

1950 Stockholm, Sweden

Daylight in Museums

1948 Paris, France

Founding of ICAMT