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November 1, 2023

ICAMT Podcast on Architecture and Museum Techniques

ICAMT presents a series of Podcasts held by ICAMT Board Members under the theme “Architecture & Museum Techniques in Transpandemic Time”.

The years of pandemic have grieved deeply the sphere of culture that resulted in one of the most affected fields. Therefore, we – as a cultural community – took it on ourselves to keep this important heritage in constant connection with our networks and ourselves. The channel through which we decided to communicate our mission is the Podcast. Thanks to its innovative nature, it allows us to directly address the target in a convenient and easy way to access.

The board members of ICAMT host a selected group of professionals in the field of museums architecture and museology concept, with special regard to Sustainability. The episodes are released on this dedicated page of our Website and on different platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Sound Cloud, YouTube and others.

1st   P o d c a s t    S e r i e s

Episode #1-1
Clarenza Catullo – Temporary Exhibitions, Permanent Galleries: the Main Players in the Installation Method

Episode #1-2
Carina Jaatinen – Museum as Architecture of Sustainability

Episode #1-3
David Lordkipanidze – Museum in transitional era – a case of Georgian national museum

Episode #1-4
Michelangelo Pistoletto – Art Museums for Peace

Episode #1-5
Maria Ignez Mantovani Franco – Conservation strategies: a Brazilian scenario

Episode #1-6
RUANGRUPA – The lumbung a new exhibition concept 

Episode #1-7
RUANGRUPA – The sustainable space is a shared space

2nd   P o d c a s t    S e r i e s

Episode #2-1
Timothy Ventimiglia – Digital and multimedia content into exhibition

Episode #2-2
Taina Väisänen – Renovation Works and Accessibility

Episode #2-3
Giacomo Ardesio – Biennials and Design Methods

Episode #2-4
Amareswar Galla – Decolonization and Multiculturalism  

Episode #2-5
Cheng-Yi Shih – Curatorship and Sustainabiity